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We are a Los Angeles based medical center, focused solely on the treatment of hand, wrist and finger related conditions. Our team of top wrist and hand doctors specializes in treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and offers, minimally invasive as well as non-surgical options for all types of hand related disorders. If you are seeking care for a hand related injury or condition, you want the best treatment possible, you want the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles.

Expert Wrist & Hand Care in Los Angeles

The Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles is a medical center located in Beverly Hills and serving the Greater Los Angeles County Area. We are proud to boast a team of industry leading doctors and hand surgeons led by medical director and renowned hand specialist, Dr. Sean Younai. With a focus on providing surgical treatment options for hand related conditions, the center has established itself as the premier hand surgery facility in Los Angeles.

Our medical and surgical faculty members are highly regarded throughout the field and have extensive experience treating all manner of hand, wrist and finger conditions. It is due to their expertise and excellent results that the Hand and Wrist Center Los Angeles has established itself as the destination for providing the best hand surgery Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have to offer. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation with an expert hand specialist and learn more about how we can assist you with your condition.

Best in Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Our orthopedic and plastic surgeons are among the region's top specialists in carpal tunnel treatment. Together they have successfully treated countless patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Our specialists are expert in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome and will recommend the proper treatment for you. Whether you are in need of non-surgical care or carpal tunnel release surgery our team strives to deliver the very best carpal tunnel treatment in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Hospitals are no longer the only option for individuals in need of hand surgery to address conditions such as carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tendon injuries and nerve damage. Residents of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and the surrounding area now have a new and better choice for hand surgery at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles. We can deliver the same procedures, performed by premier surgeons, for the same cost. Further, we will make sure that you receive the maximum possible benefits from your health insurance provider.

With a unique structure that allows us to offer extremely personal care in a safe and highly controlled environment, the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles ranks extremely high in patient satisfaction. Unlike those who choose to be treated at a large hospital, our patients don't have to deal with the paperwork, parking troubles or large-scale inconveniences that are often part of the hospital experience. For the same cost of a hospital visit, or less, you can receive private, individualized care from the top hand doctors Los Angeles & Beverly Hills have to offer.

We Accept PPO Insurance and Medicare

At the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, our staff is expert in dealing with all forms of health care. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available from your plan. Whether or not we are listed on your plan as preferred providers, we can help you cut through the red tape to get the care you need today. Just tell us about your coverage and we will do the rest.