Hand Fractures

The human hand is a delicate and beautifully engineered instrument composed of many distinct parts. Anchoring the hand’s complex system of nerves, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments together are its bones. A single hand is made up of twenty-seven separate bones, each vital to its function and, to that degree, vital to our every day lives.

Our hands are constantly in use. When you consider that they are largely composed of small and fragile bones it’s not hard to see why they are susceptible to breakage and injury. When the bones of the hand are fractured or broken it is crucial that one seek immediate attention from an experienced and qualified hand specialist.

Here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, our team of leading Los Angeles hand surgeons is well qualified to provide treatment of any kind for hand fracture or injury.

Symptoms of hand fractures

Typically when one is suffering from a broken bone or fracture in the hand they are well aware of it and don’t need to be told what symptoms to watch for. There are, however, instances when an individual may have a fractured bone in the hand and think it is no more than a bad bruise. The following symptoms may be indications that one has a hand fracture.

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • A depressed knuckle
  • A bump on the back of the hand
  • Difficulty or pain when moving the hand
  • More about hand fractures

    The five bones that connect your fingers to your wrist are called the metacarpal bones. These can be felt on the backside of the hand. A fracture in one of these bones is called a metacarpal fracture. When one of the metacarpal bones is fractured just below the knuckle, it is commonly referred to as “Boxer’s Fracture.”

    Treatment options for Hand Fractures

    Depending on the location and nature of the fracture, there may be several different options for its treatment If you are suffering from a hand fracture it is recommended that you complete an examination with a qualified physician in order to determine which treatment is best suited to your situation. A consultation with one our leading hand specialists, here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, will help determine which treatment is correct for your situation.

    Non-surgical treatment options for Hand Fractures

    In less severe cases, the fractured bones can be set back in their proper position without the use of surgery. A cast is then applied to hold the bones in place while healing takes place.

    Surgical treatment options for Hand Fractures

    In the case of severe fractures, surgery may be required to carefully reposition the broken bones and ensure they are in place to heal correctly. Depending on the severity of the break, wires, plates and screws may have to be used hold the fractured bone together. Depending on your situation, these may or may not be able to be removed by your surgeon after the fracture has healed.

    Most hand fraction surgeries can be performed on an outpatient basis. This means that patients can return home on the same day and no overnight care is required.

    After the fracture has healed your physician may recommend a program of physical therapy to help restore full function of the hand.

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