Tennis Elbow: PRP with Stem Cells for Elbow

Modern medicine has made significant advances in the field of regenerative therapies. Two of the most significant discoveries are stem cell therapy used in conjunction with PRP, or “platelet rich plasma” to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, and restore healthy tissue -- naturally.

Tennis Elbow and Stem Cells

Tennis elbow can be treated with this modern technique. Stem cells are first extracted from fat tissue, where they exist in abundance. These cells are not yet “programmed” – and once they are injected into a specific area of the elbow joint, they transform into the type of cell needed to rebuild and restore damaged tissue. Because the cells have been harvested from the individual’s own fat tissue, they are a perfect match – without the risk of rejection by the body.

Stem cells perform two important functions:

  • The cytokines (immune system secretions that affect other cells positively) assist in reducing joint inflammation.
  • The body’s natural healing ability is triggered, and damaged cartilage starts to repair and regenerate.

PRP Treatment for Tennis Elbow

PRP, or “platelet rich plasma” is produced from the patient’s own blood. Extracted blood is spun in a centrifuge to create a concentrated, natural serum, loaded with a high concentration of the natural growth factors that help the body regenerate and heal damaged body tissue. Platelets play a vital role in the body’s natural healing, and injecting PRP into the elbow gets the process underway. An ultrasound or X-ray may be used to guide the injection for accuracy. The affected elbow tendon, ligaments, and joint can then begin to heal.

Healing and PRP

PRP has been established as having an almost magical ability to trigger the body’s ability to regenerate and heal. The growth factors in the serum, once injected and released into the damaged area, send signals to the stem cells to cause them to restore the damaged tissue. Because the stem cells, as well as the PRP, are produced from your own body, the damaged tissue in the elbow can be replaced by new cell growth, capable of restoring damaged cartilage to a healthier condition.

Non-Surgical Tennis Elbow Treatment

In the past, once a tendon or joint was damaged, there was little hope that the area could be restored to its former, healthy condition. Surgery, painkillers, or anti-inflammatory drugs were used to treat the elbow, each of which carries risks and side effects. The use of PRP in conjunction with stem cells is one of the most exciting advances in medical science. Often used by professional athletes who have limited healing time, this treatment is available to patients at the Hand & Wrist Center in Los Angeles.

Our state-of-the-art clinic was established to treat injuries and damage to the hand, wrist, and elbow. If you are suffering the pain and other debilitating effects of tennis elbow, you can have your injury treated by the top team of medical professionals at our private clinic in Los Angeles.

Cutting-Edge Treatments for Tennis Elbow

Our team of top medical professionals is committed to providing patients with the most modern, least invasive treatments. For tennis elbow, a combined treatment involving the injection of stem cells, followed by PRP injections as a regenerative therapy can lead to a greatly improved condition. Our team of highly-skilled doctors focus on hand, wrist, and elbow therapies and treatments that get results.

If you suffer from tennis elbow, we invite you to visit our clinic for an evaluation of your condition. We may find that using this advanced treatment will produce better results than older, more traditional treatments such as surgery or injections of anti-inflammatory steroids. Every patient has a unique situation, but when the injury is in the hand, wrist, or elbow, we are proud to be at the forefront in the latest techniques and advances.

Personalized Care and Treatment for Tennis Elbow in Los Angeles

At the Hand & Wrist Center of Los Angeles, we offer comprehensive treatments for a range of injuries, including tennis elbow. Your treatment plan will be customized to seek to achieve the results you want – freedom from pain, a full range of motion, and the ability to live life to the fullest.

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