Trigger Finger Treatment Options

There are multiple options for the treatment of trigger finger. If you believe you are suffering from this condition, it is recommended that you complete an examination with a qualified doctor in order to determine which treatment is best suited to your situation. A consultation with one our leading hand specialists, here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, will help determine which treatment is correct for your condition.

Non-surgical options for Treatment of Trigger Finger

Non-surgical options for trigger finger treatment include:

  • Resting of the finger or thumb
  • Splinting of the hand to keep the affected joint from moving
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Steroid injections into the affected tendon sheath
  • Gentle finger exercises

If the above treatments do not improve the condition a doctor will generally recommend trigger finger surgery.

Options for Trigger Finger Surgery

In some cases, trigger finger surgery may be necessary to release a locked tendon and permanently remedy a chronic trigger finger condition. This is done with a small incision at the top of the palm, to expose the flexor tendon sheath of the affected finger. Once exposed one of our top trigger finger surgeons carefully cuts the tendon sheath away. This allows the tendon of the affected finger to once again move freely.

Trigger finger release surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, meaning no overnight care is required after surgery. Recovery from this procedure is generally fairly rapid.

Once the hand has healed after surgery, one of our top trigger finger specialists may recommend a program of physical rehabilitation to fully restore the function of the hand.

Top Trigger Finger Surgeons in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

If you are suffering from trigger finger or think you may be experiencing early symptoms, you have come to the right place. Our top doctors and surgeons, here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, are the leaders in trigger finger surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Contact our offices today or click here to schedule a consultation.

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