Nerve Damage of the Hand

The hands are arguably the most used part of the human body. Consider how often we rely on our hands for our work, our hobbies, to feed ourselves and in just about everything else we do. As we go about our day, using our hands to carry out tasks, it is the nerves within the hand that enable communication to the brain and thus allows us know what we are feeling and doing with our fingers and hands.

Damage to the nerves within the hand can be particularly debilitating, resulting in severe pain, loss of sensation and other serious problems.

Symptoms of Nerve Damage in the hand

The primary symptom of any nerve damage to the hand is a loss of sensation. This may be complete or partial. Either way, it means that the injured individual will not be able to properly perceive temperature and other normal sensations.

Depending on the degree and exact nature of the injury, a damaged nerve can also give rise to a number of other problems:

  • A stretched or crushed nerve can cause an intense painful sensation.
  • A completely severed nerve can result in a complete loss of sensation in part of the hand or fingers. This can also result in a weakening and unresponsiveness in the certain muscles.
  • Left untreated hand nerve damage can also lead to the formation of scar tissue on the nerve itself. This is called a neuroma and is typically accompanied by immense pain.

It is important to seek the services of a qualified hand specialist at the earliest stages of nerve damage.

Causes of Nerve Damage in the hand

The primary cause of nerve damage in the hand is physical injury. An injury in which the hand is crushed or stretched may not actually sever any nerves, but can still cause sufficient damage to interfere with nerve communication from the hand to the brain. When one suffers a cutting injury, they are more likely to endure a severed nerve.

Unfortunately, poorly performed surgical treatments are another common cause of nerve damage. Here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, we often see patients who underwent a surgical procedure of the hand elsewhere, only to later experience and numbness in the area operated on. Luckily our top Los Angeles hand specialists have extensive experience in the treatment of nerve damage.

Treatment options for Nerve Damage in the hand

There are several different options for the treatment of nerve damage in the hand, depending upon the severity and nature of the damage. If you are suffering from nerve damage, it is recommended that you complete an examination with a qualified physician in order to determine which treatment is best suited to your situation. A consultation with one our leading hand specialists, here at the Hand & Wrist Center Los Angeles, will help determine which treatment is correct for your situation.

Non-surgical treatment options for Nerve Damage

When a nerve has been stretched or crushed but not fully severed it is generally able to repair itself. In this case surgery is not necessary, but the healing processing can be aided and accelerated with physical rehabilitation and therapy.

Surgical treatment options for Nerve Damage

The surgical method used for repair of nerve damage varies based upon the extent and nature of the damage. In some cases the severed ends of the protective sheath around the nerve can be reconnected, enabling the nerve to grow back together. In cases where a portion of nerve has been lost a nerve graft may be required. This can be done by removing a portion of the nerves from another location on the body where it is not absolutely vital to the body’s function. In some instances a graft can be performed using a synthetic nerve conduit. There are also advanced procedures in which a qualified utilized portion of a blood vessel, harvested from elsewhere in the patient’s body, to reconnect a severed nerve and guide it’s regrowth.

Most nerve repair surgeries can be performed an outpatient basis. This means that patients can return home on the same day and no overnight care is required.

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